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The University’s School of Psychology and Therapeutic studies has a long track record of work in the field of psychology including the provision of its courses, research and consultancy.

The PAWB Wales clinic is another example of the dedicated facilities on offer from the University of South Wales that supports student learning and provides psychology students with the opportunity to both witness and carry out professional psychology interventions, under the supervision of qualified practitioners.

Practical experience

The clinic provides opportunities for all psychology students to gain experience in an applied setting, with the nature of work dependent of the individual and their chosen course of study.

Opportunities for undergraduate students

Undergraduate psychology students can observe the work of psychologists beyond the classroom, with PAWB Wales offering work experience opportunities for undergraduate students in an applied setting (e.g. admin, reception, research data collection).

Similarly, internships for undergraduate students are offered with students agreeing to commit to a number of hours per week to a specific project/element of PAWB Wales’ work.

In addition there is the potential for shadowing and observational opportunities. Each of these elements makes the undergraduate provision at the University of South Wales extremely distinctive and directly enhances the employability of our graduates.

Opportunities for postgraduate students

PAWB Wales provides an environment for students to gain practise hours and allows us to offer places on awards and supervision programmes with placements guaranteed.

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