PAWB Wales | Qualification in Psychometric Testing (Level A)

Holding a Qualification in Psychometric Testing is beneficial and to some extent essential for a variety of jobs, including HR consultants, Business / Occupational Psychologists, Career Advisors, and Executive Coaches. This is because Psychometric Testing can provide businesses with objective and reliable information upon which to base human resource decisions including: selection and assessment, identifying and developing talent, team building, executive coaching, personal development and succession planning. The Qualification also provides a springboard for those who wish to qualify to a more advanced level of psychometric testing such as Level B (Personality) and clinical / educational tests.

What will participants gain from attending the course?

Participants can either attend a full training course (and complete all the necessary assignments) in order to gain the Qualification in Psychometric Testing, or attend part of the course if they want to become test administrators.

To gain the full qualification it is necessary to attend the full training course which is endorsed by the British Psychological Society (BPS). This is an industry recognised qualification that provides the skills and knowledge to use tests competently and allow them to purchase a broad range of psychometric test materials from the major UK test publishers.

Alternatively, participants can attend part of the course that will train delegates to the British Psychological Society’s standards to become a recognised Test Administrator and achieve part of the qualification. Participants will learn to administer a range of ability tests and inventories. Competence to select appropriate tests and interpret and feedback results will require additional training, as detailed above.

How is the course run?

This 4-day open course is delivered at The University of South Wales (Caerleon Campus or other suitable venue) by experienced and approachable consultants. All course materials are provided and participants will take part in a variety of learning methods including instruction, practical exercises, case studies and group discussion.

This course is endorsed by the British Psychological Society Endorsed by the BPS

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