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University of South Wales Autism Project (USWAP) Early Intervention Clinic

The University of South Wales Autism Project (USWAP) provides clinic-based, applied behaviour analytic early intervention services to children 5 years old and under with autism (although we do not require a formal diagnosis to receive services). Our service is co-ordinated by Dr. Aimee Giles, BCBA-D and staffed by postgraduate and undergraduate students who are studying behaviour analysis at the University of South Wales (click to find more information about our MSc and PgC courses in behaviour analysis). Children receive individualised, evidence-based, one-to-one applied behaviour analytic therapy (ABA) in a fun, energetic, and nurturing environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ABA therapy involve?

ABA therapy involves identifying the skills that your child needs to learn (e.g., language, social skills, self-help skills) and then designing an individual curriculum to teach those skills. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your child’s current skills using either the Verbal Behaviour Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VBMAPP) or the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills (ABLLS). We will then design an individual teaching curriculum that targets specific skills. Teaching sessions occur in a one-to-one or two-to-one (two therapists per child) and involve helping the child engage in the skills so that he can learn that those skills lead to reinforcement. As skills develop, the curriculum is reviewed and more skills are added.

What is the research evidence for ABA therapy?

There is a wealth of research studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of ABA in helping children with autism learn to effectively communicate, acquire academic and adaptive skills, and engage in meaningful social interactions with family and peers. ABA also can be effective in replacing problem behaviours (e.g., tantrums, self-injury) with behaviours that help children access the reinforcers they want in more appropriate ways. For a list of sample research articles on the effectiveness of ABA, click here: ABA Research Evidence .

Does my child need a formal diagnosis to receive services?

No. We don’t require any documentation of diagnosis to receive services. If your child is not meeting developmental milestones and you believe he or she might be on the autistic spectrum, you are eligible to receive services at the clinic.

My child is over 5. Can they still receive services?

Currently, we only are providing services for children under five. However, we hope to expand our services in the coming year to include older children.

My child will be 5 soon. Can they still receive services?

Yes. We will accept children into the clinic up until their 6th birthday.

How many hours per week will my child be expected to attend the clinic?

The number of hours that your child receives therapy is up to you. We recommend that children attend for 10-20 hours per week, as research shows that the more hours of behaviour analytic therapy, the more skills that children can acquire. However, we also realise that the number of hours children are able to attend the clinic varies across families. Clinic staff will work with you to determine the number of hours that are best suited to your personal situation.

How much do services cost?

Services are charged at a rate of £25 for the first hour per week and £12.50 for each additional hour. An initial meeting with clinic staff to discuss the services that are provided at the clinic and if they suit the needs of your child is provided free of charge.

Is there any support available to cover therapy costs?

Some of the families receiving services at our clinic have obtained support from Caudwell Children. You may also ask your Local Authority if they provide funding for services.

Will I be able to attend the therapy sessions with my child?

Parents are welcome to attend therapy sessions so that may learn about the strategies we use. We also have the capacity to videotape your child’s sessions so that you may watch them at home.

How do I make an enquiry about services?

To enquire about services for your child, e-mail PAWB Wales: .
You may also e-mail our clinic co-ordinator directly at .